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Anguilla Masonry Products is the established leader in ready-mix concrete products for the construction industry, serving corporate, government, and individual clients with a wide variety of engineered products and special purpose products and delivery solutions for the Caribbean climactic zone.

The new Brimigen Automated Batching Facility, inaugurated in December, 2006, represents a significant step forward for Anguilla in the processing and delivery of precision mixed products to meet the demanding needs of the most sophisticated projects. Anguilla Masonry has extensive experience in the batching and handling of time sensitive materials in the challenging Caribbean construction environment. In addition to standard mixes such as 3000, 3500 and 4000 psi formulae and grout mixtures, a wide variety of admixtures for the climate conditions are available to customize masonry products.

For large scale engineered projects, Anguilla Masonry offers direct plant liaison and facilitation of custom product mixes.

Anguilla Masonry Products operates the largest fleet of delivery trucks and concrete pumps on island.

As members of the ABAM Group of Companies, Anguilla Masonry and Anguilla Block & Sand Co. Ltd. offer complete primary construction supply solutions. Other group member companies can also provide leased heavy equipment and processing solutions, along with project related shipping, warehousing, handling and distribution services.

For more information, please contact the office during business hours at (264) 497-5600.

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